The Talking Points

    1. Agent Ron Campbell with the FBI was not originally assigned to this case.  He however insisted he be apart of the arresting team and then subsequently insisted that he drive alone in his own vehicle instead of riding with the team he begged to be apart of.
    2. Agent Campbell is the only person who can establish complete chain of custody for the “evidence” in this case because he was the only agent present at both the crime scene and the arrest site who drove alone from one location to the other.  
    3. Agent Campbell is also the only agent to get “separated” from the team once the search began.  The location where Agent Campbell was separated happens to also be the location where the fingerprintless gun was found.
    4. Agent Campbell has a history of planting fingerprint-less guns at crime scenes. In the other instance, he planted the gun only after shooting the suspect in the back of the head so I guess we are lucky.
    5. Agent Campbell was also a key witness for the prosecution (yes it is ridiculous) and while being cross examined, he was caught lying under oath.  Upon being caught, he admitted to being at the location where he is once again accused of planting evidence with no explanation as to why.
    6. Deputy Aldranon English, the surviving victim of the crime gave a vivid and detailed description of the shooter, “5’9 with cold grey eyes” were his primary descriptors.  Mr. Al- Amin/Imam Jamil is 6’5 with brown eyes.
    7. Deputy English also reported shooting his shooter.  Mr. Al-Amin/Imam Jamil was not shot.
    8. Bernadette Davy, the firearms examiner in this case, breached protocol when examining the evidence resulting in faulty results and analysis. She was later  fired from the State for breaching protocol when examining evidence in her cases resulting in faulty results and analysis...Yes really...
    9. Mr. Al-Amin exercised his right not to testify at trial.  Instead of honoring his wishes, The State conducted an impromptu mock cross examination of Mr. Al-Amin where they asked him questions and then hypothetically answered them for the jury during closing arguments.
    10. On appeal, The Courts agreed that Mr. Al-Amin’s Constitutional Rights were violated by the mock cross examination, but the violation did not impact the outcome even after the jury conceded a primary reason for the guilty vote was the spotlight placed on him exercising those rights?
    11. There was and is no physical evidence linking Mr. Al-Amin to the crime.
    12. Otis Jackson committed the crime that Mr. Al-Amin is currently serving life in prison for. Jackson later confessed and signed an Affidavit only for it later to be dismissed and suppressed.
    13. Mr. Al-Amin was ordered not to speak to the media or public during his trial and has since been denied the opportunity to tell his story despite numerous requests from media and scholars alike.
    14. Mr. Al-Amin has served the majority of these last 18+  years in 23 hour solitary confinement for his “protection.”
    15. Mr. Al-Amin was handed from state custody to federal custody with no notification, held without communication and locked up in numerous locations across the country away from his  legal team, family and support system...with no federal charges.
    16. After all of that, Imam Jamil Al-Amin formerly H. Rap Brown has the opportunity to see freedom.  We just need a little help.