The Conviction Integrity Unit

"(There's one case) that weighs heavy on my heart because I really think he was wrongfully convicted.”

This Man, a Muslim, helped “clean up” Atlanta’s West End.

“I’m talking about Jamil Al-Amin,” he said, “H. Rap Brown.”

“I think it’s time to rejudge, He’s been dying of cancer and has been suffering away from his family in the worst prisons of this nation.” 

- Ambassador Andrew Young Jr. 

"The Office of the Fulton County District Attorney is pleased to announce the establishment of the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU). This new unit will re-examine questionable convictions and help guard against future conviction error.

Mr. Paul Howard, Fulton County District Attorney, believes prosecutors can and should be leading the charge to ensure the public has confidence in the criminal justice system. In recent years, DNA exonerations have shown flaws in our system.  Mr. Howard is committed to finding any flaws in convictions his office has obtained, correcting those flaws, and preventing them in the future."

As prosecutors, we have a legal obligation and an ethical mandate to protect the innocent by ensuring only the guilty are convicted for the crimes charged. Our responsibility to all citizens further requires us to seek to remedy any wrongful conviction of which we become aware.   

- Paul L Howard Jr., Fulton County District Attorney